The Beginning

I'm not entirely sure how this blog is going to evolve but I'm pretty excited. This week I'm simply going to show a small excerpt from my
"My goal is to implement a self-structured apprentice program in order to acquire the skills, tools and knowledge to establish my own studio
within the next three to five years.  At this stage in my career I still have much to learn about studio setups. I want to learn about other glass
studios: their businesses, clients, techniques, and equipment while continuing to further my glassblowing skills. If granted an award, I intend
to build a container to fit in the back of a small pickup truck. This container would house glassblowing tools, taxidermy tools, a show tent, my
modular plinths, materials, and myself while traveling. 

Currently I work for Tsunami Glassworks in Windsor. I would plan trips around working for them that consist of working for other studios, either
for money or blow time. I have done this the last few years to great benefit. I would also travel to different schools and organizations to give
lectures and demonstrations, something I’ve done a bit of this last year. Lastly, I intend to do short-term residencies and other unique
opportunities this flexible mobile studio will afford."